1. Question: What is Norala Water District (NWD)?


NWD is a Government Owned and Controlled Corporation (GOCC). It is mandated by PD 198 to provide safe and potable water to the people of Norala.

2. Question: How does NWD computes water consumption?


The monthly consumption is read and computed in cubic meters (refer to URR page number 24 for schedule of readings)

3. Question: How much is the minimum charge?


Water service connections have different minimum charges depending on classification, to wit:

    The minimum charge for residential is P236.65 which is equivalent to 10 cubic meters.

    The minimum charge for government is P236.65 the same with the residential which is equivalent to 10 cubic meters.

    The minimum charge for commercial depends on its nature of business, to wit:

Full Commercial=2.0 x residential rate; Commercial A=1.75 x residential rate; Commercial B=1.50 x residential rate and Commercial C= 1.25 x residential rate which is equivalent to 10 cubic meters.

4. Question: How much is the charge in excess of minimum?


The charges in excess of minimum are called commodity charges. It has variable rates according to consumption and classification: in cubic meters= 11-20, 21-30, 31-40 and 41 up (refer to schedule of water rates per URR page number 21)

5. Question: Can a New Service Connection application be processed by a representative?


YES, but must have an authorization from the applicant/owner of property.

6. Question: Is it allowed to have two or more water connections under the same account name?


YES, an applicant may apply for more than one (1) service connections under same / one name provided that he / she must comply with all the necessary requirements.

7. Question: Should the New service connection application be placed under the name of establishment or the owner?


It is recommended that the account be placed under the owner’s name but acceptable to be named in the applicant who is not the owner as long as there is an authorization from the owner.

8. Question: Who can avail of the Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010?


The 5% discount on the monthly water bill is granted if the water service connection is under the name of the senior citizen for a period of one (1) year, provided that the monthly water consumption does not exceed 30 cubic meters. The senior citizen must register with the NWD to avail of this privilege. An approved application is good for one year only and is renewable every year.

9. Question: Is there a service fee for transfer of meter?


YES, if requested by concessionaires.

NONE, if to be transferred by the office within the same area for the easy access of meter reader and maintenance.

10. Question: Who will repair leaks?


It is the responsibility of concessionaires to shoulder the cost of repair for the leaks from the water meter going inside the property of the concessionaires. Leaks from the water meter towards the mainline and on pipelines will be repaired by Norala Water District.